LIQUID OVERFEED SYSTEM : Liquid over feed system consists of low pressure receiver, liquid feed pumps along with various controls as safeties for liquid feed pumps, compressors and to feed forced liquid to evaporators. In liquid over feed systems (recirculation system) excess liquid is forced mechanically with liquid feed pumps through organized flow evaporators. This ensures no oil retained in the evaporators and no liquid carry over slugs in the compressors leading to high saving in power and maintenance.

ADVANTAGES OF LIQUID OVERFEED SYSTEM : Liquid overfeed system ensures even refrigerant / liquid distribution to all evaporators and less pressure drops in evaporators. The system protects the compressors under odd operational conditions. Essential & advantageous where hot gas defrosting is required.

AIR HANDLING UNITS : Servotech energy saving Air-Cooling units made from SS tubes & aluminum fins with external rotor fans as well as with axial fans are available in various capacities for different industrial applications. These units are highly efficient, low in weight ceiling /wall mounted for extensive applications in cold stores for different commodities.

RECEIVERS : We manufacture high pressure receivers ranging from 500 liters to 4000 liters volumetric capacities conforming to IS standards.

OIL-SEPARATORS : SERVOTECH scrubber type oil separators are designed for vertical installations in compressor discharge line to separate oil carry over from the discharge of the compressor. An automatic arrangement is provided in the oil-separator to return this oil to compressor sump/ crankcase. These are available in different models and sizes to handle a wide range of compressor displacement depending upon their applications.

LIQUID & GAS COOLER : Liquid & Gas Coolers being manufactured are available in different standards and sizes. It is designed for installation in the booster compressor discharge line to sub cool liquid ammonia from receiver to the low stage evaporators and to desuperheat booster compressor discharge gas to the suction to high stage compressors, which is necessary to prevent overheating of high stage compressor affecting the operating parameters of high stage system. Sub cooling of liquid refrigerant for low stage evaporators. Increase rate of evaporation which is essential to obtain more thermodynamic efficiency of the refrigeration cycle.

SURGE DRUM / LIQUID SEPARATORS : Surge Drum / Liquid Separators being manufactured are available in different designs and sizes. These are designed & manufactured required for PHE type Evaporators for Water and Glycol / Brine for process chilling, Ice Reserve Units, Air-Cooling units to feed steady Refrigerant to the Evaporator and to separate liquid vapours before entering into the Compressor. Proper design , size and its installation protects Compressor from liquid carry over problem.

CONDENSERS : We supply all types of condensers viz. Shell & Tube type, PHE type, Atmospheric type etc. as per the requirement of clients.

The conventional type Atmospheric Condensers are manufactured in single row, 12 Pipes high 20 feet long from MS ā€œCā€ class pipes conforming to IS 1239 complete with liquid & gas valves and headers etc. The condensers are spray galvanized after shot blasting to obtain high standard of galvanizing for long lasting.


PHE condensers have widely been recommended for bigger installations where the total cost of PHE System over the conventional condensers is quite less and save lot of space for its installations. Company has done number of such installations for prestigious refrigeration plants within India & overseas projects.

OVERSEAS PROJECTS : SERVOTECH has also carrying out overseas Refrigeration Projects for dairy industry. The projects carried out at IVORY COAST ( Africa ) and UAE-DUBAI are running very successfully and hopefully shall generate further business.

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Servotech India is engaged in its specialized services in low temperature applications for Ice Cream hardening and storing, fruit & vegetables, Mushrooms, Herbs and Dairy Products etc.

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